Kitchener 2000 Ltd was established in 1996 and has been providing Portable Appliance Testing Services or PAT Testing Services and Portable Appliance Inspection Services throughout the UK ever since.

Our Services are aimed at helping you maintain and conform to Statutory Regulations regarding all Electrical Portable Appliances.

What is PAT Testing?

A Portable Appliance is a piece of equipment that has a lead and a plug which can be moved. In order to comply with PAT Testing Regulations you MUST Inspect, Test, Record and establish new test dates based on HSE Directives.

The Electricity at Work Regulations requires that all Portable Appliances are regularly tested and a register is produced.

At Kitchener 2000 Ltd all of our PAT Test Service and Portable Appliance Inspection Service Personnel are highly trained and skilled Electrical Technicians.