5 Tips to Stay Safe Working Outdoors

By 22nd May 2018Latest News

How lovely has this weather been recently? Have you been outside every moment you can get? Starting on outside jobs – gardening, car cleaning, lawn mowing? Well why wouldn’t you? No one wants to be stuck inside, especially if you’ve been working all day. But have you been doing this safely?

If this sounds like you, then listen up! Here are our top 5 things to watch out for when working outside!:


1. If working with electrical appliances outside and you’ve used extension leads, be careful that you don’t overload the leads with too many plugs – especially if you have used a 4 way block plug – as these can quickly become very unsafe!

2. Keep an eye on your leads and wires, you don’t want your leads to be damaged by having them strained against something, i.e. car wheels, plant pots. Likewise – remember to not go leaving them around for everyone to stand on – this could affect the inside wiring and can cause people to trip and fall – so be wary of their placement.

3. This may seem like a simple one – but don’t use anything electrical outside when it’s wet or damp – it’s not worth the risk!

4. Remember to turn off your equipment when you’re not using it – don’t leave them on outside in the heat.

5. One last thing – You’ve missed a spot!


If you are unsure whether your appliances will be safe to use, you can call in at our offices to have them tested at only£35!

Contact Victoria at victoria@kitchener2000.co.uk or 01254 580966 to arrange some testing – remember, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry.