6 Superb Happenings in 2018!

By 31st January 2018Latest News

I don’t know about you, but January seems to have taken FOREVER to come to an end! Gone are the happy holiday celebrations, the New Year’s Resolutions (most likely) and gone are the endless glasses of Baileys, Sherry and Wine! Until next Christmas Sherry, as always, it was a pleasure!

However long the first month of 2018 has dragged on for let’s not let that dampen the mood for this year as there are a lot of major events happening in 2018 that are sure to be riveting! Thanks for the memories 2017 – but in the words of Edna Mode –

Thanks Edna for leading us into one very exciting happening in 2018! In June, after many many years of waiting  – Incredibles 2 will be in cinemas! Even with plenty of big films ready to hit the cinemas this year (Black Panther, Tomb Raider,  Solo: A Star Wars Story, Jurassic World: A Fallen Kingdom, etc!) Incredibles 2 is more than deserving for all of the hype and after watching the teaser trailer released in November 2017, it makes us all the more excited! Remember everyone – no capes!

Now what’s more exciting than Incredibles 2? If anything! A Royal Wedding! Prince Harry is to wed Meghan Markle on May 19th at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle! After Kate Middleton’s stunning dress, designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, I know all the women will be looking forward to seeing Meghan’s Wedding Dress! Of course, this day would be made even better if we gained an extra bank holiday, but nevertheless, we are all very proud and can’t wait for this day!

Can it get better than a Royal Wedding you say? It certainly can! A Royal Baby! Prince William and Kate Middleton will be expecting their third baby in April – which means the new addition to the family will be here for their Uncle’s Wedding! With the ever adorable Prince George and Princess Charlotte, another little bundle of joy, either boy or girl, will make this family even more precious!

PyeongChang is this years host for the Winter Olympics and is South Korea’s first time at hosting them! Curling, Ski Jumping, Bobsleigh, Skating, etc always seems way more intense than the Summer Olympics and we’re ready for it! Happy Winter Olympics, and may the odds be ever in your (Great Britain’s) favour!

On a slightly less national/global note, I, for one, know that I am delighted that Burnleys Primark will be opening Spring this year! Though I am positive that a lot of people’s bank accounts won’t be screaming with joy! Roll on bargains galore!

Throughout 2018 the UK will be commemorating the Centenary of the end of World War 1! We will be remembering the bravery and honour of the soldiers who fought, lived and died during the First World War. The sentiments when reflecting about this war are truly intensified – 800,000 soldiers lost their lives. 800,000. At this time, especially, we respect and reflect on what they went through and give thanks to our courageous, valiant and heroic fighters.