Failing items at Kitchener 2000

By 16th September 2018Latest News

Kitchener 2000 engineer’s have recently had to fail 130 items.

This is the largest amount of items that Kitchener 2000 have ever had to fail!

Here’s a bit more information on the matter – this could help remind you to check your electrical items and their condition – remember they are fragile items and can be damaged within a day (without you even noticing)!

The items failed were LAPTOP POWER PACKS.

These power packs were found with plastic tie wraps on. The wires were coiled and strained against the Power Pack causing the cable to eventually perish. When our engineers tested the leads, the wire easily pulled apart and disconnected!

Main leads and wires are supposed to be left unwrapped and loose (yes, wires left loose do look untidy – maybe have a box or a drawer dedicated for your wires!). If you do still tie your wires and leads, ensure that there’s no pressure put on the wires!

Ensuring your safety and people’s around you is very important!