The Importance of Stage Lighting Testing!

By 3rd June 2019Latest News



It’s that time of year again when the School’s are nearly out for Summer! It also means that because the Children aren’t in school – we can complete your Stage Lights Testing!

The testing of your school’s Stage Lights is highly important, and we at Kitchener 2000 want to ensure everyone’s safety from all the overhead lighting instruments!

As you can imagine, Stage Light Testing (the majority of the time) will be tested out of term time. To test this equipment our engineer’s use scaffolding. There’s so many risks when using scaffolding in a place where there’d be lots of children about and in order to proceed with minimal risk of incidents this is why we only test Stage Lights in School Holidays.

By doing this, it also makes certain that the testing and inspections run as smoothly as possible – our Kitchener 2000 engineer’s are always very efficient and reliable – so there’s no need to have any worries about it not being 100% complete!

Once your testing is finished, it won’t need to be renewed until the year after – making sure that everyone is watching and enjoying the multiple performances that take place throughout the year in a safe environment!