Make the most out of the sun whilst at work

By 29th June 2018Latest News

Does your work entail you to be inside all day? Do you daydream about being out in the sun enjoying the hot weather? Below are our top tips on how to make the most of the sun during your working week:

  1. Wake up earlier! It’s most certainly light enough and warm to enough to be up an hour earlier than your usual wake up time – why not try sitting outside for a coffee and some breakfast? With the birds chirping in the trees and a blue sky above you, you’ll feel so much more relaxed and ready for the day ahead – without feeling like you’re missing out on being outside!
  2. Take your lunch outside! Well, why not? If you’re really, truly upset about not being outside when EVERYONE YOU KNOW is off work and having fun in the sun – then take a break and eat outside or go for a short stroll on the “sunny side of the street”.
  3. Book a weekend getaway! Not got anything planned for your summer ahead? Or already had your summer holiday? Feel like the weather is far too nice to just stay in your town for the weekend? Why not book a weekend away? It’ll feel like a holiday and give you just the break you feel like you’re needing. Try out a new activity – canoe on a lake or go for a bike ride!
  4. Have an ice-cream! I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Do you work close to a shop – or like us, do you have a regular ice-cream van that pays a visit? Ice cream is a treat and in this heat, you’ll be craving something sweet, so don’t miss a beat – go and buy a corNEATo and share it on a tweet!
  5. …But I’m REALLY not feeling work! Well, if you’re not impressed by our tips on staying in work in the 30 degree heat (we’ll try not to be too offended) then get on up (!) when you’re down and take a good look at this blog that provides excuses to leave work early (although, no offence, but if you’re thinking about trying this out – you probably have a lot of excuses up that sleeve of yours already.)

(note: Kitchener 2000 do not advise this – we just like the gifs.)