Protecting your loved ones this Valentines

By 1st February 2019Top Tips

Valentine’s Day is a time to love and appreciate your loved ones and nothing quite says ‘I love you’ like making sure they are safe. One of the main hazards to be aware of during Valentine’s Day (apart from flamed candles) are Metallic balloons. They can have serious and deadly side effects. Metallic balloons are powerful conductors of electricity, which could potentially be very dangerous if the correct care was not taken.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying or receiving these balloons:

* Metallic balloons should always be tied to weight.

* Balloon owners should never remove the weight.

* Do not release metallic balloons outdoors.

* Properly dispose of the balloon by snipping off the tied end before throwing it into the trash.

* Keep the balloons away from any electrical equipment at home.

How to take the correct care at home:

* Ensure plug sockets are not damaged or scorched.

* Check your leads and cables are not damaged or frayed.

* Check your lights are working correctly.

* Check that your sockets are not overloaded, including extension leads.




If  you need any help, many local Fire and Rescue Services will come to your home and carry out a Home Fire Risk Check to help keep you and your family safe. For more information on fire safety, visit, or contact your local Fire and Rescue Service (not 999).

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