Top 5 Places to Visit and Foods to Try

By 26th July 2018Latest News

Ready for a last minute summer break but don’t know where to go?  Below are our top tips for places to visit and traditional, popular foods to try!

  1. Granada, Spain:  Situated at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Grenada has some extraordinary views and is best known for its grand examples of medieval architecture. Enjoy a visit to the many palaces, such as the Palace of Charles V, and enjoy shopping in the Calle Caldereria Nueva.
    Whilst you’re there, why not try the Spanish speciality – Paella! This cuisine if often recognised as one of the top in the world!
  2. Playa del Carmen, Mexico: A beautiful coastal resort town, most known for its palm-lined beaches and coral reefs; perfect for those who just need to top up on their tan.  It is a great area for everyone, with shops, restaurants and nightspots ranging from laid-back bars to dance clubs – ensuring everyone can get involved.  There are also many activities to entertain the kids, like scuba diving, snorkeling, banana boating, tubing and even jet-skiing – those ‘down with the kids’ dads just need to give them a try.  With this amazing area, the children will NOT be able to say the dreaded phrase ‘I’m bored!’
    Did you know, Caesar Salad originates from Mexico? So, whilst you’re there, ensure you try this tasty and refreshing meal.
  3. Pompei, Southern Italy: A Campania region overlooked by the active volcano Mount Vesuvius.  Pompei is commonly known for the ancient city, Pompeii, which was buried in 79 AD due to an eruption of Mount Vesuvius.  With all the hidden, buried knowledge, this region is great for the history lovers.  In town, you can visit the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Rosary and stare in awe at its mosaics and grand cupola (dome).  You can then go on to see the ruins of the Amphitheater  and the Temple of Jupiter and head out for a day trip to Fornillo, Positano, situated an hour away from Pompei. Finish the day off by enjoying the beautiful beach, sheltered by rocky, bushy mountains curving into the sea.
    Whilst in Italy, treat yourself to some traditional, Italian Bruschetta or even try making them yourself!
  4. Nassau, Carribean: This stunning Capital has a hilly landscape and is often known for its beaches and offshore coral reefs.  It is lined with resort hotels, upscale boutiques and is extremely popular for diving and snorkeling.  Downtown, Bay Street is the main shopping hub for the many tourists who visit yearly.  There is also the Dolphins Encounter and the Ardastra Gardens Zoo which provide great day trips that everyone will enjoy. With a bridge connecting Nassau to the Paradise Island, why not visit the main attractions here, such as the Aquaventure Water Park and the Casino – a perfect balance of activities for the children and the parents .
    Did you know that BBQ’s are traditionally Caribbean?  Why don’t you celebrate by ordering a BBQ from one of the fantastic restaurants.
  5. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia: A stunning National Park known for its lakes, alpine forests, waterfalls, caves and hiking trails – wonderful for active families.  The Korana, a river in central Croatia, provides several fantastic activities, like rafting! There is also an Adrenalin Park, with a main attraction of a 300 metre long Zip-Wire overlooking the Korana.  Keep an eye out as the Park will soon offer zorbing, climbing and descending the big rock and a BIG SWING!
    Whilst you’re there, why not try some Croatian delicacies such as Fritules which are doughnut-like fried pastries and are highly addictive.


We are so pleased to let you all know that this blog was written and published by Hannah! Hannah has been with us for Work Experience and done a brilliant job of this blog – WELL DONE! Who knows – she could be a future blogger!