Women’s Week – Who run the world?!

By 9th March 2018Latest News

International Women’s Day. 


Yesterday, women and men all over the world united in spreading the love for ladies – there was a crazy amount of inspiration, power and love shown! If you read them – they would definitely have given you goosebumps. No doubt about it. It’s greatly important that we always remember the women in history who risked their lives fighting for our rights and recognise the women who continue to change the world today – even in the smallest of ways!


This week is certainly ‘Women’s Week‘. Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Even though we know we are always grateful and thankful for our Mother’s, or our Mother figures – we don’t always show it and they might not always know it! Sunday is their special day to be showered in love and appreciation – I know I wouldn’t be who I am today without my Mum and who doesn’t love spoiling someone you care about?! Mum’s are so much more than just a mum. They’re your best friend, your rock, your adviser, your role model – the only person who loves you more than themselves.


With this in mind, our women Directors, Melanie Kitchener and Jane Wadsworth, have answered a few questions so you can get to know them more and love them as much as Kitchener 2000 do! Thank you Melanie and Jane for everything you do and for being caring, funny and all round wonderful!


1. What’s your favourite thing about working at Kitchener 2000?


Melanie: Working with my hubby, sister in-law, my son for a short period of time before he joined the RAF, my daughter before she went to Uni and the great team we have.

Jane: Working with family and keeping a family culture within the company.


2. What do you think your strongest attributes are?


Melanie: Being able to see the bigger picture and giving financial stability in the company.

Jane: Empathy, owning the problem, having fun and treating people with respect.


3. What’s your funniest memory from working at Kitchener 2000?


Melanie: A Secret Santa Gift – a snow globe with my husbands face in, given to another member of staff.

Jane: When I thought bringing a trampoline to work would encourage fun … it didn’t!


4. With Mother’s Day around the corner, what do you love most about being a Mum?


Melanie: Seeing them achieve their goals and watching them grow.

Jane: Sense of pride and love for everything Ross has become.


5. Do you have any advice/quotes to inspire women around us?


Melanie: Never give up – in a very male dominated world you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

Jane: Ask for help – especially from other women – everyone always wants to help.